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scruba dub dub theres a kitty in the tub 

if a time comes that I do not reblog this photo it will be because I am 6 feet underground 

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our prince hanging out on the couch


My friend Amy was fostering these kittens, so I got a few pictures of them! This is the best one so far.

Harry Potter tumblr style // inspired by (x)

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Her name is Chubby Jo.

Photos by ©Allison

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Masters of the Sand

For more jaw-dropping sand sculpting, follow @sandyfeet. To see more photos and videos of creativity in the sand at all skill-levels, browse the sandart hashtag.

“Sand artistry takes a long-handled shovel, a soft touch and skin that can stand up to the sun,” says Lucinda Wierenga (@sandyfeet). She would know: The Texas Instagrammer has spent the past 30 years making sandcastles for a living.

Lucinda is part of a community of artists who participate in master-level sand sculpting competitions. They travel to beaches across the United States—and sometimes, around the world—for multiday building events. Recently, Lucinda spent six weeks in Kuwait where she and 70 peers collaborated on a massive installation.

“A sand sculpture’s temporary nature is a large part of its charm,” she says, “and only world-class jerks kick down other people’s sandcastles.”



I want a superhero movie where the hero dies in the first ten minutes and the woman who was supposed to be the love interest puts on his costume and becomes an even better hero.

I want all of the advertising to be for the hero and none of the marketing to even allude to this death.

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So youre saying if i get a tattoo i’ll never have to work another day in my life

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every morning

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This is true art right here.

Humans are great


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